Benefits of Flash Cards

I love flash cards. I have found them to be very

beneficial to my students when they are learning music. I have flash cards for them to learn note/rest values, notes on staff, dynamics, musical terminology, interval identification, key signatures… the list could go on 😉

I encourage the parents of my students to use flashcards with their children at home. I usually suggest that they buy a set at their local music store, or when I have a printable sets I try to give them a copy to print and cut out themselves.

I cannot emphasize enough, that flashcards should be used in game-like activities. In my lessons/classes, we use flashcards when playing board games, we have flashcard races, we make up silly rhythms that we all have to play, etc.  I strongly believe that when there is fun involved in learning, that learning is fun!  If it’s boring, no one is really going to learn anything, and it becomes a dreaded task for all.

In the next few weeks/months, I will be posting a variety of different flashcard ideas, activities, game boards to use with your flashcards, etc. They will be located under the tab at the top of my home page, under “FUN Music Activity Ideas – Flashcards” (or click here)

Please come back soon to check for updates!

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