Karma Critters – Who are they?

About Karma Critters

Karma Critters are creatures who represent positive attributes and virtues such as compassion, love, inner strength, mindfulness, empathy, peace, etc. There are many Karma Critters. There is Meditation Mouse, Compassionate Cat, Peaceful Pigeon (aka Dove), Dharma Dog, Courageous Crow, Empathic Eagle, Faithful Fox, Grateful Goat, Truthful Tortoise, and many more.

There are many stories of the Karma Critters which are told through songs and books. These songs and stories will help you teach your children how to calm their mind, be compassionate, show empathy towards others, learn about inner strength, and so much more.

Join us on our adventure in learning and teaching valuable virtues to live by. Click on the photos or titles to hear the song or read the story.

Our first featured critter is Meditation Mouse.

Karma Critters Meditation mouse

Meditation Mouse 


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