3-D Snowflakes


Every year, someone at work makes these gorgeous snowflakes, and every year we have people comment on how beautiful they are and ask how they are made. Have you ever wondered how to make a 3D Snowflake?  They are so pretty and look complex, but in actuality, they are fairly easy to make.

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 What you’ll need:

6 pieces of paper






Supplies with text

What you’ll do:

1)  If the paper you are using is not yet a perfect square, fold paper over diagonally (make a right angle triangle) and then cut the excess paper off.

Cutting paper

You should now have a perfect square.


2) Fold the paper diagonally again, to make a right angle triangle. Fold it over again to make an isosceles triangle.

\DSC_1561   DSC_1564

3) With a pencil and ruler, lightly draw a line about 1/4″ from the folded side of the triangle.


4) Starting on the opposite side of where you drew the line, cut a straight line perpendicular to the line you drew, and stop at the line.  Do this 3 times. Then unfold into a square again.

DSC_1588   unfold  unfold to square

5) Take the opposite corners of the centre “square” and curl them towards each other. Add a dab of glue on one corner and stick the other corner to it. Flip the paper over and do the same to the next opposite corners, flip and repeat, flip and repeat.

Curling centre     Flip and curl   one side

6) Repeat this process for the other 5 pieces of paper.

7) Take two completed pieces and glue them together at the bottom.

Glueing two sides     

8) Glue another completed piece on. This is one half of the snowflake. Put it aside.

9) Glue the other three pieces together, as above.  You should have two separate halves.

Two halves

10) Staple the two sides together in the centre.

Staple together

11) Now staple the sides of each piece to each other.

Staple pieces



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