Teaching Note Values to Children

One of my passions is being a children’s music instructor.  I feel so blessed and full of gratitude

that one of my jobs is doing something I absolutely love, love, love doing!

In my music curriculum, I teach note values using Zolton Kodály’s method.

We call quarter notes “Ta” notes;

A pair of eighth notes “Ti-ti” notes;

A quartet of sixteenth notes “Tika tika”.

Triplets are called “Tre-o-la” or “Trip-a-let”

The syllables I use for the larger notes differ a bit from Kodály’s original method, but is based on the same concept.

We call half notes “Two-oo” notes;

Whole notes “Toh-oh-oh-oh” or sometimes we say “Hold for 4 beats”

For quarter rests we say “Sh”, half rests “Sh-sh”, etc


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